The beginning of the semester combined with unprecedented snowfall for this area has made the week strangely hectic, with little time for thinking of anything but syllabi and what to do in the first 50 minutes of each class.  But I’ve received some affirmation from another friend as to the connections between my mockingbird and my leaves.  TD suggests that contemplation — attending — is an important connection. He writes about the need for receptivity, a readiness to learn, the ability to be awed: these are the attitudes the learner brings if he is to be enriched by the world he observes, whether written text or the text of nature.  L and talked about this, too — about mindfulness — and this is further affirmation of much of what I wrote last week.

Now I will need to revisit the pieces, list the stories and the reflections, brainstorm for other that might be added, and listen to it all for a structure.  Maybe some of this will be ready for next week.


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