Assaying my World

I’ve been posting here awhile just for myself and a couple of friends as I’ve been experimenting with the familiar essay.  I’ve removed a few posts because, in revised form, they’ve been published in an online journal, certainly a satisfying achievement.  I’ve come to love this genre of writing, and it’s a special privilege that I can teach a class in it at the Christian college where I am a professor of English.  

I started blogging elsewhere years ago because I found it to be an excellent mode of “finger exercises”:  I don’t have to totally perfect something, but I do have to work on it, not just rant or be otherwise thoughtless, because it might have a real audience.  I must take care for style, but needn’t feel that it must be the absolute best prose I can possibly come up with.  In other words, it’s practice with a purpose which allows me to muse but with accountability for the product — and it keeps me working with words.

In the end, maybe some of the musings will come together and be the seeds of work that is worthy of more time spent to perfect for publication.  We shall see.  It’s a goal, but not as important as thinking things through, hoping to sort and understand my own thoughts, attend to the world around me and the words that I have to assay that world, and offer a bit of insight now and then that might be of interest to others.


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